Volume Bomb PDX is beyond thrilled to be booking for Volume Bomb Block Party 5

Formerly, “Portland Not Portlandia”

The event date is Saturday Aug 27th with a start time of 4 pm. We try to stack the event from front to back which means your band might be playing at 4 pm or you might be playing at 11:30. Are all your members aware of this and available during this day and time? We will announce time slot info as the date gets closer.

We get a lot of submissions for this event. We can’t get every band into it. It doesn’t mean we don’t like you even though it may mean you don’t like us. We are planning on doing more events and will keep your band’s name in the electronic rolodex for future events.

Lastly and very much importantly, any band that has any sort of ties to hate groups, anti-LGBTQ groups, wildly idiotic conspiracy theory non-sense or band members that we at Volume Bomb know to be or have been made aware of being predatory little shit bags will not be allowed at V.B.V. This is not up for debate.

SET TIMES & GEAR BACKLINE: Set times are 30 mins with a 15 min changeover between bands. Basic gear is backlined. This means cabs and drum shells/ hardware. Bands need to bring:

instruments, guitar/bass amp heads, snare drum, kick pedal(s), cymbals, throne & sticks.


If you prefer to bring a combo amp, or have other instrumentation (keys, horns, theremin, etc.) please let us know in the submission form. We def prefer you use the backline for amps. Please go over this with all of your band members and let us know if you need to make any adjustments.

If you or someone you know is interested in backlining gear, especially drums that aren’t held together by duct tape, please let us know.

Push for link to band submission form:

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